Child Care Funding

The safety and wellbeing of your child is paramount therefore it is important to select the best childcare and education that you can afford. There is help available towards the cost of childcare and below is an outline of avenues which may be of assistance to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

Tax Credits (child benefit) 
Working Tax Credit includes a childcare element to help families who are working and spending money on childcare. Nine out of 10 families are eligible for some financial assistance through the Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. The amount you receive will depend on your circumstances. Please contact H M Revenue and Customs to find out if/how much you are entitled.

Childcare Vouchers 
Childcare vouchers is a scheme some employers offer to help working parents save on registered childcare costs. These schemes can save you National Insurance and income tax as a set weekly amount can be deducted from your salary and used to provide childcare vouchers for the same amount. This amount is deducted from the gross salary and is exempt from National Insurance and Income Tax and could prove to be a huge saving for your family. Our nursery accepts childcare vouchers.


Nursery Education Grant (also known as 15 hours FREE child care)
All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education for 38 weeks of the year. This applies until they reach compulsory school age (the term following their fifth birthday).

The table below shows when your child will become eligible for their free early learning place.


If your child is born between They are eligible for a free place from
1 April and 31 August 1 September following their third birthday or the beginning of the autumn* school Term
1 September and 31 December 1 January following their third birthday or the beginning of the spring* school term
1 January and 31 March 1 April following their third birthday or the beginning of the summer* school term


For more information see:                                                           

HM Customs & Excise – Child Benefit provides everything you need to know about current child benefit legislation and the process for claiming benefits to which you are entitled.

HM Customs & Excise – Childcare has further information about childcare including details of the Governments childcare voucher scheme.


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